Set Mid Frame Repair for 2004-2008 Ford F150 Crew Cab F150CREWSET

  • $500.00

Set of Driver and Passenger center skid plate rust repair pieces for Ford F150 Crew Cab (AKA SuperCrew) 2004 to 2008.

Your truck should look like the black truck shown in photos. If your truck has 4 full doors, this is the correct part for your application.Call 570-595-5000 with any questions.

We also offer an option for extended cabs.

These are full length repair pieces that completely repair the areas in front and behind the skid plates. 

Constructed of 10 gauge rolled high carbon steel which is thicker than your existing frame and thicker than the other sellers. 

Measures approximately 59" end to end. 

These pieces get attached to the frame just behind the transmission cross member, and will end right before the leaf spring mount.


What is Needed    

These are weld on pieces so moderate welding skills are required.

 You will need to cut out the lower 2/3 of your frame and sandwich the repair piece over the remaining upper 1/3. 

*This item will be delivered bare steel. Paint or coating is required to stop them from rusting.