Jeep Installation Instructions

1997-2006 Rear Trail Repair Kit

1997-2006 Center Skid Repair Kit


Which piece should I install first?

If installing skids AND trails, install the skids first. When fitting the trails you will push them forward to meet the skid. In order to butt them together flush, you will need to slightly trim the skid.The skids are a ¼” inches longer than necessary to allow you to cut to do so.

Do I need to cut out my frame or can I just slide the pieces over the existing?

A portion of your frame will need to be removed to allow the piece to fit correctly. Also, rust spreads like cancer, so you will want to remove the rusted areas to prevent more issues in the future.

Should I overlap the trail and the skid?

No, the trail and skid were designed to join together and be welded around the perimeter.

How do I know where to place front or rear trails?

When installing, slide the trail arm piece up to meet the skid. Measure from the bolt on the front lower control arm to the bolt on the rear lower control arm. It should be 57 3/16”.

Why is the upper control arm mount not included on the front trail arm piece?

In 99% of repairs the upper control arm mount has not seen rust and does not need to be replaced. Your existing control arm mount can remain. Simply cut around that area on the repair piece. For the unlikely case that your upper control arm has rusted, we sell the mounts separately.

What is the difference between 97-02 skid plates and 03-06?

The skid plates themselves are identical and will fit the same. The only difference is the bolt hole pattern.

I have an LJ Unlimited model. Will the trailing arms fit?

No, we offer an LJ trailing arm for the 2004-2006 extended frame model

Is the body mount included on the rear trail repair piece?


Is the body mount included on the front repair piece?


Do your pieces have drainage holes to prevent rust from occurring again?


Is hardware included with skids and trails?


Are these in stock?

Yes, always