Center Skid Frame Repair Set

  • $265.00

Set center skid repair piece for Jeep Wranglers 1997-2006.

These are full length repair pieces that completely fix the areas in front and behind the passenger skid plate.

These repair pieces get bolted to the frame and the transfer case and transmission gets bolted to them.

You will have to cut out the lower 2/3 of the existing frame and these will sandwich over the upper 1/3. Simply weld them and you are done.  

To make installation as easy as possible each piece is pre notched around existing body mounts. 

Moderate welding skills required.

Each piece measures 43 ½” end to end. 

Hardware is included.

  • Made from 10 gauge hot rolled high carbon steel, which is slightly thicker than your existing frame and other competitors’ products.  
  • These are bare steel and ready to be welded. 
  • CNC plasma cut for accuracy and precision. 
  • Shipped Fedex ground or priority mail within two days. 
  • Free Shipping

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