Milwaukee M18 Battery Holder Mount Heavy Duty Snap Release Dust Cover USA Steel MILBMT18

  • $10.00

Pocono Metal Craft's Milwaukee Battery Wall Mount is the ONLY CNC bent Milwaukee battery holder on the market. 

75% of our customers trust us and that's why they are replacing their 3D printed mounts with ours- here's why:

  • CNC Laser Cut & CNC Bent Steel
  • Vertical & Horizontal Mounting
  • Snap Release for extra Security
  • Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Steel
  • Strength & Durability guaranteed

Pro's of Pocono Metal Craft Steel Mounts
-Can mount on walls, underneath shelves and in your vehicle
-Created with dimensional accuracy
-Acts as a cover to shield your battery terminal from dust Suited for 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 AH batteries
-Made from Heavy Duty 16 gauge steel, this mount withstands a lifetime of wear and tear, while protecting your battery.
-Unlike a 3D printed mount, we created snap-in release tabs for the ultimate secure grip. This means NO accidental falls.
-Only 2 mounting screws needed (Hardware not included)

Con's of 3D Printed Mounts
-While PLA/Plastic 3D printed materials are cheaper to purchase, you will continue to repurchase over and over, that adds up!
-3D material is not able to withstand long term wear and tear
-3D material easily weakens in normal warm summer temperatures (in as little as 2 weeks, especially when mounted in a vehicle)
-Expands with minimal heat exposure over time causing your battery to be at risk of damage from falls Plastic holders are porous and can trap moisture in and around your battery decreasing your batteries lifespan
-Cannot withstand the vibrations of being mounted in a vehicle
-Most will split, crack and strip during installation
-Not suited for 8, 9, 12 AH batteries