Jeep Wrangler Frame Repair Installation

The Problem

Jeep Frames rust when water is introduced to certain areas and has no way of escaping. It sits there along with mud and debris and causes rust, which steadily rots through your frame from the inside out. Typically if you have a rusted bolt that easily turns or falls off there is a deeper problem that you cannot see. Remember, it rots from the inside out. Also, if one side looks in need of repair, the other side is not too far behind. 

The Solution

Thankfully, there are parts that can fix every area of a Jeep that typically rusts. 

  • Front Trail Arm
  • Control Arm
  • Rear Trail Arm
  • Center Rail
  • Rear Frame Horn
  • Rear Shackle Mount
  • Body/Tub Mounts

What we do

When you bring your Jeep to us this is what we provide in a  typical installation:

  1. Inspect frame thoroughly. If you brought your Jeep to us, obviously you are aware it has rust issues. We will  put your Jeep on the lift and take a look at the whole underside together to make sure we are addressing every issue.
  2. Completely removal all problem areas. First step is cutting out the rotted areas.
  3. Clean out the frame. We  completely blow out the whole frame once it is opened up, removing any debris and loose rust throughout.
  4. Grind smooth. To allow a weldable surface, we clean and prep the metal around the rotted areas.
  5. Fit and weld the pieces. We make sure the piece is aligned perfectly before welding it in place.
  6. Install new Hardware. Rusted hardware get thrown out and replaced.
  7. Undercoat. We spray automotive undercoat over whole repair area  protecting it from future rust.

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