Universal Coil Spring Bucket Set CSBSET

  • $99.00


Set of  Universal coil spring buckets.

These pieces each have an inside diameter of 7". 

These will serve as  base perches for many vehicles featuring upper or lower coil springs 7" or smaller, such as Dodge Ram and Jeep Wrangler. 

Fabrication may be required depending on your application.

​​​​​Made from .135 (10 gauge) steel.

Save $$$ by only replacing the piece needed, not the whole axle. 


Single Piece Construction.

We are the only manufacturer that features a single one piece stamped product.

 A one piece design ensures strength and durability with no chance of welds cracking in the future. 

The spring cup is made using 10 gauge steel, as opposed to the 14 gauge from the factory.

This is the thickest and strongest coil spring bracket you can buy. Period.  Features drain hole to prevent future rust.